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Sacred Conversations with Peyote: Insights and Reflections

Peyote, a psychoactive plant teacher, has its origins dating back thousands of years among indigenous cultures in Mexico.

I had the privilege of attending a ceremony in Catorce led by a Wixárika Shaman.


There are two principal ways in which you can do it.  

Wixárika: An ancient indigenous people native to Mexico, celebrated for their intricate artwork and deeply rooted spiritual traditions. Characterized by their hermetic nature, their ceremonies possess an informality and adaptability distinct from the structured rituals of the Red Path.

Camino Rojo: It´s characteristics is for being very structured and formal. The Red Path involves many younger traditions including Lakota, Navarro, etc.

Spiritual Significance

The indigenous groups utilize peyote to establish connections with their ancestors, gods, the natural world, and other supernatural entities. Through these rituals, they engage with the spirit realm to gain insight and understanding,

an experience I personally encountered.

Photography - Videos & Text: 


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The Setting


San Luis Potosí stands as the birthplace of Peyote. Our particular ceremony unfolded near Estación Catorce and the vicinity of Real de Catorce. These locations are not easily accessible. Flights to San Luis can be rather costly, and the journey from Mexico City spans approximately 6 to 8 hours by bus, contingent on traffic conditions. Wirikuta lies a few hours distant from San Luis's city center. Luckily, we had a car at our disposal in San Luis, which significantly alleviated the logistical challenges.

Lifehack: If you plan to embark in this adventure, try to get a car to move around San Luis Potosí. It will ease the experience in a very good way. 

San Luis Potosí City


This place is a picturesque colonial town exuding a tranquil ambiance. The availability of budget-friendly accommodations makes it an appealing option. While not bustling with activity, the town offers a conducive environment for reflection and concentration. An intriguing highlight is the presence of the Leonora Carrington Museum, a notable name in the Surrealist art movement. The museum adds an extra layer of dopeness to the experience, particularly for psychonauts.



A desert expanse, where isolation reigns. The vastness of the arid landscape serves as a mirror to the inner depths of the soul, inviting introspection and contemplation.

real de catorce 

An extraordinary town exuding an epic aura. The journey to and lodging within Real de Catorce may be costly, though we managed to secure a favorable deal at xxxx. Personally, I was captivated by the locale, which seemed to radiate a unique energy, accompanied by remarkable traditional artistry. I genuinely wanted to own a bunch of art pieces so badly!
Rafa, one of the shamans, shared that the town is frequented by many "Brujos" or witches, a sentiment that's palpable. Real de Catorce carries an air of mysticism, a sentiment amplified during our pilgrimage to the apex of El Quemado mountain on a Sunday, marking the conclusion of our ceremony. This mountain holds sacred significance, believed to be the birthplace of the sun.




First I met Rafa, he is the student of Don Andres. Rafa is a brave Mexican warrior, strong and fearless that has visited the underworld a couple of times in the search for answers. Despite his imposing aura, he's also one of the kindest souls I've ever met. He guided us through the process and my gratitude to him is unmeasurable. 


Next, we have Don Andrés, a highly regarded figure within his community. While the ceremonies adopt an informal style, which initially wasn't my preference and raised questions about my ability to fully immerse in this context, it's during the cleansing rituals that Don Andrés's true power shines. He possesses an astonishing power to extract energy from your body and transmute it into a tangible form.

The Cleansing

Positioned to his right throughout the entire ceremony, I found myself as the initial recipient of the cleansing ritual. Unaware of what to anticipate, I was taken completely by surprise. Don Andrés approached me, and I certainly didn't anticipate his actions. Unexpectedly, he leaned towards my body, directly over my chest, and commenced a sucking motion, as if extracting something akin to a white worm. The sensation of something departing my body and the ensuing emptiness left me in a state of profound bewilderment. The intensity of the experience was enough to make me question, "What the fuck did I just undergo?". The white worm signifies that there is nothing, whereas the black worms indicate sickness leaving the body. In fact, those who appeared to be in pain from the outside and were present for healing had black worms extracted from them.

I'm not the type to blindly believe in things, especially in the spiritual and psychedelic realm. I'm a bit of a rebel with a sober perspective. So, I watched closely as he repeated the same process with others after me. No sleight of hand, no tricks. It was all real. I even witnessed him perform the same cleansing a couple of days later, spontaneously outside the ceremonial setting, with no assistants or audience. The authenticity of the experience was undeniable and left a profound impact on my skeptical mind.

3.3 Psychedelic TripMeter

raitings trip report (2).jpg

Introspection stands out as the primary hallmark of the Peyote experience, accompanied by several other key characteristics:​

  • Occasional bouts of nausea and stomach discomfort.

  • Heightened sensory perception, though not to the point of distorting reality.

  • Immersed in the desert surroundings, I sensed a subtle connection with a higher presence, distant yet palpable.

  • While I personally did not experience hallucinations, reliable sources suggest it's possible by ingesting about
    10 entire peyote plants in the form of a juice.

It's important to acknowledge the variable nature of psychedelic trips, influenced by factors such as dosage, one's mental state and preparation, setting, and the specific substance. In my case, I consumed 7 medium/big pieces of Peyote during the ceremony, complemented by occasional spoonfuls of powdered Peyote over the following two days.


I had the chance to share some days with Rafa. His impression about me during the ceremony I carry with me in my heart as he told me that I'm a warrior and a good teacher to him in the art of flowing. Earning his respect in the manner I did, by going all in, fearless; means a lot to me.

Surprising Blessing


Participating in the Peyote ceremony came about in a truly cool manner, underscoring the significance of placing trust in the flow of life. 
My intention was to experience Peyote in its place of origin. I embarked on this journey with minimal knowledge – no research, no preparation. I impulsively booked a ticket to Cancun, drawn by its affordability, trusting that I would somehow piece everything together once there. I've always believed that life favors the bold; taking that initial step and embracing a leap of faith can lead to unexpected revelations. And that's precisely what unfolded. A chance encounter with Laura, a Lithuaniam wonderful human living in Playa del Carmen, proved serendipitous. As I shared my purpose with her, it turned out she held all the answers and guided me to San Luis Potosi. Life's twists and turns are truly astonishing! 



Among the participants of the ceremony, an unexpected presence graced us—a fair-haired girl emanating a gentle aura. During the intervals between Peyote ingestions and the formal chants, she gracefully retrieved her drum, approached the fire, and commenced singing. The resonance of her voice was nothing short of incredible. Her vocal tone possessed an exceptional quality, capable of transporting me to a realm of spirituality and deep meditative state. In her presence, the ceremony took on a truly distinctive and remarkable character.

Intrigued by her aura, I ventured closer to learn more about this captivating individual. I discovered that she, too, was a shaman. Our connection was immediate and profound, forging a partnership that would span the entirety of the ceremony. Together, we even engaged in musical collaboration, an experience that deepened our bond.


She revealed to me her extensive experience with Rapé, a sacred shamanic snuff, piquing my curiosity and intrigue. Under her guidance, I embarked on my first Rapé journey some days after, a story that I'll delve into in a separate blog entry.

I have to say that she was my favorite part of the whole journey. 

IMG_5715 2-min.jpg
IMG_5712 2-min.jpg

my personal experience

Over the course of three days, I consumed a substantial amount of Peyote. While this quantity might have led some individuals to experience intense effects, I found myself remarkably grounded – more so than ever before, in fact.


In that special state of mind, my inner thoughts felt super clear, like a magnified version of my usual thinking. I took some solo walks in the desert, away from the group, just to have deep talks with the universe. I found myself thinking of some of my beloved ones, not asking much for me but for them.
One of these conversations that was particularly nice
, was about two buddies of mine who are working on their football careers. I wished them success, but more than that, I hoped their journeys would be full of fun and happiness.


Here's a cool twist: the next day, one of these friends won the Red Bull World Finals championship! I'm not saying my wishes caused it, but it felt pretty awesome to sense that positive energy kept flowing in that direction.


Immersed in this captivating state of heightened presence, rather than the potentially hallucinatory one I could have anticipated, I took some days to reflect about my experience. It was intriguing, especially considering that even individuals with far more experience with Peyote, including two shamans who consumed smaller quantities, were already experiencing altered states.


It dawned on me that the energy released by this plant deeply harmonizes with my core being. Right from the start, the plant teacher didn't feel like a foreign entity entering my body; on the contrary, it felt entirely natural.

Much like the enduring and resilient nature of the cactus thriving in the desert, I found a reflection of my own characteristics in it. Consequently, I didn't perceive any significant departure from my authentic self. Instead, I sensed an amplification of my electromagnetic field, manifesting as a continuous vibration emanating from my skin. The sensation resembled that of being a transmitter of energy, which was pretty awesome. 


To wrap up, I'm truly grateful to the Universe for paving my way with such grace and love. Genuine life experiences are the real deal, the only authentic route.
If your curiosity leads you to explore Peyote, consider venturing to San Luis Potosí in Mexico—an exquisite destination. For basic guidance, don't hesitate to contact us via email.



From the desert's embrace, Peyote's message echoed: within lies the portal.

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