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underoath x the ghost inside

Summer Tour 023.
San Francisco. 



Here's the scene: I'm on my way to Burning Man, all the way from Barcelona. But hold up, plot twist! Underoath's jamming with the Ghost Inside in New York! I snag that flight...

Touchdown in New York, ready to rock out with two of my favorite bands. The big day rolls around, but, uh-oh, Google Maps hits me with a reality check: It's like a six-hour drive from NYC! What in the actual...?! It was like a road trip to Narnia from NYC! Talk about a "WTF" moment!

Spoiler alert: Adventures can be freakin' pricey!

I called my friend James and convinced him about going. I crossed the ocean and I was not going to give up for nothing! We get to the rental spot, and oh boy, the line stretches out to infinity and beyond! Major shoutout to Dollar Rent A Car for their... um, "stellar" service! After two hours in that never-ending queue, it became clear we weren't going to make it. Mission: aborted.

But you know me, I ain't one to back down. This was personal now. I was on a musical vendetta, and guess what? I went all out. I basically crossed the entire country, and guess what? I got to San Francisco for seeing these bands.
Worth every wild, wacky, and wallet-emptying moment! 🤘

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3.3 gig grader

3.3 Gig Grader


I've been eagerly anticipating a chance to see Underoath, a band that's held a spot in my top five favorites for as long as I can remember. The first time I caught them was in Buenos Aires back in 2012, and while it was good, there was something missing without Aaron. The second time around was at the last-minute addition to the 'We Were Young' festival. They played first, and though the set was super short, the sound left much to be desired. But as they say, the third time's the charm!

Watching them headline their own tour, showcasing an incredible new album, in this amazing venue was an experience I won't soon forget.

What a show! As an old-school Underoath fan, it's a bit surprising to admit that 'Voyeurist' has quickly become my favorite album of theirs. It feels like they're recording a new album for the very first time. It's so fresh, aggressive, and downright powerful!

Here's to a pioneering band that's been creating incredible music for a quarter of a century. Underoath, my band! As fate would have it, I managed to snatch the very hat Timothy flung into the crowd. It's a cherished memento, especially for a devoted hat collector like myself. 


As fate would have it, I managed to snatch the very hat Timothy flung into the crowd. It's a cherished memento, especially for a devoted hat collector like myself. 

the ghost

I'll be honest, it's only recently that I transformed into an unwavering fan of The Ghost Inside. I'd given a couple of their songs a listen back in the day, and while they were great, for some inexplicable reason (shame on me), I never really delved into their music.

When the tragic news of their accident hit, witnessing their remarkable resilience was nothing short of inspiring. The fact that I had a brush with death in a car accident made me feel a deep connection to what they went through. Still, I didn't fully embrace their music. Again, shame on me.

Fast forward a few months, I found myself covering the Resurrection Fest, and there they were, live in action, for my very first time. Oh my goodness! It was an absolute spectacle! The power, the energy on stage, their performance... it was all pure magic. Their story of triumph took on an even deeper meaning for me.


From that day forward, their music has been a constant in my daily playlist. I was beyond thrilled to see them again, and once more, it was nothing short of extraordinary. Their show in San Francisco was pretty fucking epic. 

bonus track

As I left the show, I was still craving more. To my pleasant surprise, the street held an unexpected gem—a bus transformed into a stage, hosting a band whose existence I'd been completely unaware of.
Here's to you, Hemorage!
It turned out to be a wildly fun experience! 🚌

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