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Resurrection Fest 2023 is here, and we've asked some of our friends for their top 3 song picks from the bands playing at the festival. Check them out!

andrés benavides

With Andrés, our friendship transcends music.
From Avahuasca rituals together in the Amazon Jungle to parties with Calle 13, death metal gigs, and electronic music, we've been pretty much everywhere... He's a crazy guy!
He's usually recording for artists like Nicola Cruz or playing in a band with the Baroness bass player.
Here are his top 3 picks:

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This human manifests crazy stuff on a regular basis. We have quite a collection of crazy stories and savage luck strikes related to music stuff, but well, let me introduce you to the OG. You can often find her hanging out with Aerosmith.

Here are her top 3 picks:

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nico schipper

With @schippermusik, we were the only rockers in the music career at the university from our generation. I'm happy to see my dude just killing it with his incredible band @amplifiedhistory. Here are his top 3 picks:

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It is our job to keep Punk Rock Elite.

You are welcome.

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