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Resurrection Fest! A festival that was at the top of our bucket list, and we finally made it! A massive shoutout to Bring the Noise for organizing the coolest festival in Spain, dedicated to music with attitude. Our experience was amazing from the very first moment boarding the plane to Galicia. Here's how it all went down:Ma

The way:

Going to a festival is always an adventure, raising questions like: how will I get there? Where will I sleep? Rational people plan ahead, but not us—we are always testing our Karma for no specific reason.

Packing our bags and figuring out things out along the way is our style. Speaking of packing, I was running late to the airport and discovered something embarrassing. It's already summer—time for shorts! But the only socks I had were football ones. My style was very questionable, but there was no time to fix it. I hopped on the bus, rushing to do the check-in. Massive shoutout to Vueling for making life easier by not allowing same-day check-ins! I really appreciate it! Fuckers! 

I had to dash through the airport controls, then something incredible occurred— I spotted the guys from American Socks behind me.

Our eyes met, and I blurted out, "Guys! This is insane! I was just thinking about how terrible my socks are. Are you going to the festival?"

They nodded, replying, "Yes!" I confessed that I had no idea how to get there, and these legends responded, "Come with us! We have a car waiting at the airport."

And just like that, I had socks and a ride. Life is incredible. A massive shoutout to the Burek brothers, true embodiments of the punk spirit.


I had an amazing ride to the festival in their car. Forever grateful to these two for making the beginning of my Resurrection experience already dope!

day 1

My Top 3 of the day were: 
1. Hatebreed 
2. The Ghost Inside 
3. Behemoth


Every time they take the stage, it's as if hell on earth is unleashed. There's an unexplainable energy that ignites within, tapping into your inner God of War, transforming the mosh pit into a chaotic frenzy of pandemonium. The entire show was a wild ride, but when they played "This is Now," it was an all-out war! This band has a way of making you feel truly alive... The most aggressive pit in the scene for sure.


The Satanic Squad always delivers a powerful show. It is the third time we've seen them, and each experience is uniquely captivating. This band constantly innovates refining their sound to perfection. They are undoubtedly the best band in the genre, setting the standard with their tight, creative and impeccable performances.

the ghost inside

Their music is not only amazing but a source of strength, unity, and unwavering determination. This band embodies the true essence of hardcore, leaving a mark on all who encounter their sound and lyrics.
"If it's a war you came to see, you will never see a waved white flag in front me.
I can't end up dead, I won't be misled.
I'll keep singing this song inside my head."

day 2

My Top 3 of the day were: 
1. Pantera 
2. Madball 
3. Black Flag


More than a band, an institution. Freddy ruled the stage with style and power, commanding the crowd's every move. With their signature blend of hardcore and metal, Madball's fast and thick grooves ignited a frenzy of headbanging and moshing. For over half of the audience, this was their first encounter with the band. As for me, I vividly recall my first experience with Madball at the age of 15 in South America, and I can confidently say that the unrelenting energy of their show remains as ferocious as ever.


"Now a new look in my eyes, my spirit rises. Forget the past, the present tense works and lasts." The current lineup of Pantera is incredible, with Zakk Wylde and Benante taking on the challenging task of filling the roles of Vinnie and Dimebag. Seeing Pantera live is something I never thought would happen, but it did! And it surpassed all expectations. Their performance was impeccable and emotionally charged from beginning to end.
Thanks Universe for this one! 

black flag

Seeing the music legends Black Flag was a powerful reminder of the band's influential status in the punk rock scene. Black Flag's performance was a testament to their enduring legacy and a celebration of their groundbreaking music. We were all there to have fun, sing along, and celebrate punk, and that's exactly what we did! The band, with Mike Vallely and Greg Ginn in the frontline, still puts on a good show. Cheers to that!

day 3