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dr. album - uk tour 2023

No Trigger - Sam Russo - First Time Dead.

First off, we want to give a massive shoutout and much love to Eva from GRöli Music and Ollie from All Corners Artist Booking for having faith in us and allowing us to embark on our first-ever UK coverage. We're incredibly grateful with you guys :) 

No Trigger is a band that we have a special connection with, not only because of their sound but also because of their lyrics and attitude. Their originality is simply captivating, and we couldn't agree more with their stance: "Destroy all theology - Drop the fucking tab - Score some goods and hit the woods - Eat the entire bag - Open up your mind and get into the zone, bro."


The ambiance was simply enchanting, exuding a contagious air of positivity and genuine camaraderie. First Time Dead delivered a great show. And let's talk about Sam Russo – what a guy! With his magnetic presence and incredible songs, he's the kind of person you'd definitely want to hang out with.

Punk lives on. Let the spirit of psychedelics flourish eternally.



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