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forgotten arm

Ecuador Jazz Festival
Quito - September 2023. 

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Rockers Taking Over the Ecuador Jazz Festival

When my friend Andres told me that Forgotten Arm was performing at the Ecuador Jazz Festival, I was like... well, that's quite crazy. Cheers to the festival's booker, because she has no idea what's about to hit her!

Indeed, Forgotten Arm is an incredibly unique ensemble. You've got Ecuador's musical wizard, Andres Benavides, a notable figure in the Ecuadorian music scene, teaming up with Baroness's bass legend, Nick Joss.
It was delightful witnessing rockers take over the stage at a Jazz Festival... and absolutely killing it.

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3.3 gig grader

3.3 Gig Grader

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These guys had just one rehearsal, and it was basically their sound check. But what they pulled off was absolutely great.

Nick Joss, with his captivating stage presence, magnetic aura and incredible bass prowess, had the ecuatorian audience completely under his spell. Andres is venturing into unique territory by incorporating a modular into his drum set, marking him as a pioneer in this endeavor. His steady drumming, adaptability, and innovative approach truly distinguish him in the world of drumming. I've witnessed him seamlessly switch between pop, death metal, electronic music, and jazz. Without a doubt, he's an artist worth keeping an eye on.

They brought in a guest musician, and in my opinion, he should stick around. Pawan on the saxophone introduced a dynamic layer of wild energy and a dash of sophistication to their sound.



It's a musical revolution that separates the genuine from the wannabes. Forgotten Arm is ahead of the curve, pioneering this genre that you probably haven't heard of yet...

Yes, you might be thinking, "Wait, Post-Reguetón?" Don't worry, you're not alone— it isn't just a music genre. It's a vibe check, and it's a bit complex for me to explain it to you.

Got burning questions? Don't hesitate! Hit up these musical gurus for the lowdown before you're stuck in a time loop of old tunes and outdated behaviors. 

Attending my first concert in Ecuador after a four-year gap was a special moment. It was amazing how perfectly timed it was with the Forgotten Arm show, a project I've followed since its early days and always wanted to see live.

Catching up with old friends from Quito's music scene was a highlight. Hanging out with my buddy Andres and giving a hand to the band while meeting Joss, the husband of my dear friend Annie, and Pawan was also pretty nice. Great people making great music.

These guys injected the festival with fresh sounds. This event, unafraid to support avant-garde artists, stands out as perhaps the most relevant in the country, and their success in doing so is truly impressive.

Props to the crowd for filling it up, like, 70% full. That's substantial, especially for a band performing only their second live gig ever.

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