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E-Town Concrete

European Tour.
London - 2023. 

The Edge of Inspiration: E-Town Concrete Live in London


This show held great significance for us as it featured a band that has been an integral part of our musical journey. Their tracks have become ingrained in our lives, providing the soundtrack to countless moments of triumph and solace.

Seeing them perform live had always been a distant dream, an elusive desire that seemed out of reach. But fate had a different plan for us. After 18 years of unwavering devotion to the band's music, they announced a short European tour, including a stop in London. Without a moment's hesitation, I secured our plane tickets, determined to seize this opportunity. Little did I know that this would be a night of unimaginable experiences.

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My first encounter with the band was nothing short of surreal.

I found myself shaking hands with the man himself, Anthony Martini, discussing the content we could create from the show. It's safe to say that he has been somewhat of a mentor to me. His lyrics have always been a profound source of inspiration, and meeting him in person was truly special. Anthony has a powerful presence, and it was inspiring to see that his lyrics stem from a place of authenticity.

I vividly recall those early mornings, where my friend Pedro and I would rise at the crack of dawn to embark on our ritualistic run through the park. Whether we had just finished an intense gym session, a refreshing swim or the cold plunge, we drew strength from the music of bands like Hatebreed and E-Town Concrete. However, it was E-Town's distinctive edge that struck a chord within us, igniting our passion and inspiring us in profound ways.

Fast forward almost two decades later, and I found myself standing just minutes away from witnessing their performance. Time has flown by, and life has changed so much since those South American days. But one thing remains constant:

my unwavering passion for hardcore music, if anything, has only grown stronger with time.

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